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ThemeChanger switches your theme in MacOS X. It supports the .theme and .dlta formats, and generates an aqua backup automatically. You can also restore the aqua backup via single-user mode, if an installed theme damages your system.

ThemeChanger is designed to be fast, free, and most importantly, easy to use.
It's localized in English and French

If you're interested in themes, you should take part in the ThemeChanger-Discuss mailing list. You can sign up and find more info here.

Changes in v0.6.1:
  • Now has an icon.
  • Can now import dlta themes by double clicking them, or dragging them onto tc's icon in the Dock.
  • New theme list view, it's not complete yet, but it works well.
  • You can now resize tc's window.
  • Interface changes.

  • Fixed crash when tc finds a problem in a theme.
  • Fixed a bug where tc would hang if tool crashes while installing (still happens sometimes though)
  • Fixed a few crashes when checking theme compatibility.
  • Fixed crash when installing a theme in Panther
Project info:
  • Feel free to send any feedback to jail
  • Visit ThemeChanger's project page for project info, cvs access, bug reports, feature requests and so on
  • Contact me if you would like make contribitutions to ThemeChanger. Especially if you're an artist
  • This Project is managed by Jail from
  • Finlay Dobbie also puts a lot of work into it.
  • Cliché Software created the early ThemeChanger alpha versions.
Known bugs:
  • should show progress bar when importing themes.
  • show error message at start up if auth tool fails.
  • TCThemeListView shouldn't send selectionDidChange if we're setting the selectio to the previous.
  • sometimes hangs when dragging a theme onto tc's icon.
  • Remember window location.
  • Support adding themes to list by dragging them onto tc's list box.
  • Support using a html document for theme description.
  • Use a preference pane (app version will probably still be available as a seperate download).
  • Implement a new/modified theme format with support patching parts of binary files.

  • v0.8
  • Design a theme tracker system. Specify a database on someone's website and ThemeChanger automatically lists all the themes on that website. will be powered by the url-based theme format from v0.7.

  • v0.9
  • Possibly make any design improvements to the url based theme format and the theme tracker system, then fix them.
The roadmap is semi-accurate at best. The idea is to fix all known bugs before the next release. Items marked as done have been completed in preperation for the next release. bugs.txt and roadmap.txt on the CVS are updated regularly.
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